11 things to do when you’re bored in a lecture.

1. Make a paper aeroplane and see how close to the lecturer you can throw it. 

2. Start a Mexican Wave with the people in your row. Maybe get the rest of the lecture theatre involved. 

3. Start applauding every time the lecturer changes slides. 

4. Catch up on your sleep. 

5. Start laughing really loudly every time the lecturer says a word that sounds even remotely dodgy!

6. Put up your hand and declare, in english, that you don’t speak english. 

7. Hoover.

8. Phone your friend on the other side of the room and ask if they want to go for lunch later. 

9. Practice your forward rolls. All that extra space at the front of the lecture theatre needs to be used somehow! 

10. Stand up at the end of the lecture and bow. People will be grateful for your appearance. 

11. Eat a really smelly sandwhich. Egg mayonnaise or tuna are highly recommended. 


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