Anti-harrassment week

Please help my friend with some research by filling out the form below. The information will be passed on to her and used anonymously. 

Age:  Gender:

1.       Have you ever been harassed in public? This can include wolf whistles, jeers, lewd comments, path blocking, shouting, propositioning and anything that has made you feel uncomfortable.


 2.       Approximately, from what age do you recall this instances happening?


 3.       What kind of incidents are most common?


 4.       Do these incidents occur more frequently at night or during the day?


 5.       What is the gender of the perpetrator?


 6.       Do they most commonly occur indoors or outdoors?


 7.       Where do these incidents occur? What kind of areas?


8.       Have you ever felt fearful for your personal safety?


9.       Do you feel like there is enough authoritative presence to stop this kind of behaviour? I.E. bouncers outside pubs? Bystanders intervening?


10.   On average, how many times in the past month have you been harassed? From mild to serious?


11.   From 1 to 5, 1 being the least serious and 5 being the most serious, how much of a serious problem do you think street harassment is?


Anything else you would like to add?


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