2012 so far…

I know it’s not even April yet but 2012, so far, has been pretty good!

My most exciting feat was taking part in Opsoc‘s 49th show, ‘Spring Awakening’. I seriously love my fellow Opsoccers!! These past few months they have become like my second family and I am so grateful that they have welcomed me into the ‘family’. Looking back at my time at High School, I remember feeling very out of place as nobody got my sense of humour and I really struggled to make real friends. But these guys are like the friends I never had at High School. Most of all, they get my sense of humour and they don’t mind me being me! You should come see our shows…

Also, I helped my friend Joe set up a new society at the University of Dundee. The society is called Liberal Youth Dundee and although it is not completely tied with the Scottish Liberal Democrats, a lot of the values are the same. The main idea of the society is to bring give youths more of a voice in politics, but from a liberal perspective. We had our first event at the University this year as we hosted Willie Rennie, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats and Tim Farron a highly-active Lib Dem MP for a question-time event. It was hugely successful and I was proud that I had been one of four members of the committee who had not only set up the society, but also organised such a successful event. Here’s the committee with Willie and Tim (and me in my awesome skirt!)… 



In January I also signed up to participate in an Internship module as part of my degree. The internship I was selected for ended up being with the local Liberal Democrats in Dundee. We were to help them with their campaign for the local election in May, though most of what we did was delivering the local newsletter to houses across Dundee. Canvassing was my favourite bit – and something that really proves your commitment to the sport of politics. Having to go from door to door and ask local residents about their issues is not as easy as one might think. For instance, I got shouted at by a man in a vest, just because I wasn’t wearing a badge! Yet, all in all, it was definitely an insightful experience.

Finally, this year (as in this academic year, not just 2012) I was elected netball captain for the DUNC 4ths. It was frickin’ awesome!

I’m just incredibly grateful that my life is so busy and full of activity. I remember just before I came to Uni and worrying I wasn’t making the most of life and that I wasn’t going to get to do all the things I wanted to do. But it really does all work out if you just relax, take your time and follow your instinct.













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