Why I love Edinburgh.

I was very lucky as a child that I grew up in such a lovely part of Edinburgh, Scotland. If one were to stand at the end of my driveway they would be faced with at least three different routes that would guarantee them a beautiful walk or adventure and the chance to lose themselves in the beauty of the city.

Turning right from my driveway would provide a stunning walk along the River Almond, a place I would escape to on many occasions for inspiration or a short retreat. The walk was just as beautiful in the sunshine as it was in the winter and would fill me with the same peace of mind each time I embarked upon it. Around half an hour later I would be walking along the promenade of Cramond Beach, another gorgeous location and symbol of my childhood that I was very privileged to have on my doorstep. If you ever find yourself in the city with a few hours to spare, I would recommend visiting the beach at Cramond, particularly if it’s a sunny day.

Turning left from my driveway (and going to the nearest bus stop/walking for an hour) led to the city centre, which in the summer, would transform into a beautiful and vibrant haven of activity. I have never truly appreciated the architecture, history and atmosphere of Edinburgh, as most locals don’t as life gets too much in the way. Yet, it was on these summer days that I would get a taste of the city in its true form. I feel proud that it’s a part of who I am and I find myself unable to escape its charm, mostly in the summer.

Walking straight ahead from my driveway led to a woodland that has also helped shaped my childhood. I went there to walk the dogs, walk with friends and, once when I was really ill, I went on a very memorable walk with my dad. Although there isn’t very much in this woodland (though there are a couple of ruins which used to be great mansions when my mum was child in the area) it is still very much full of life and carries a sense of magic with it. Around each corner is a new discovery – whether its the pond, the walled garden, the tower or an interesting tree. Along with the other two locations, it formed a large part of my childhood in Edinburgh.

So, that is why I love Edinburgh, and you should too.



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