Write a letter to the teacher that gave you a hard time in high school.

Dear ____________

Do you remember that class of yours I always struggled in? The one where you gave me a D and then a C because you didn’t believe in me? Yeah? Well, I would like to just tell you a little bit about where that led me. I repeated your subject the following year and ensured that I got a teacher who was unbiased and would listen. I worked so hard to prove to you that I was good at your subject (and that I failed mostly because of your teaching abilities). That year I got an A, which not only helped me get into University, it also helped me pursue a well-paid job and a semester studying in the US next year among many other things. So, I know you felt that I was a waste of space in your class but I hope you realise now that you were wrong and I guess I need to thank you for provoking that determination in me.




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