15 Facts about me:

15 Facts about me:

• I have a phobia of knees.
• My favourite colour is blue.
• I am 19 years old.
• When I was 13 I was the fastest sprinter in Scotland for my age.
• I teach Zumba.
• I’m fascinated by American politics.
• Brie and Cranberry is my favourite sandwich filling.
• I depend too heavily on coffee.
• I have performed in various theatre productions, such as The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, High School Musical, We Will Rock You, Hairspray, Jesus Christ Superstar and Spring Awakening.
• Book-shopping excites me more than clothes-shopping.
• The most inspiring person I have ever met is my late Grandpa.
• I work in a restaurant, yet I can never eat in them as I don’t like the pressure.
• My eyes are blue around the outside, green in the middle then brown around the pupil.
• I collect quotes to the extent that I have filled several notebooks with them.
• I always have something minty with me.


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  1. Hi =) Great blog, I’m enjoying reading it, so I’ve followed you. If isn’t too much to ask can you please read mine and tell me what ya think plz. Thanks and keep writing :=) Cause I’m here to read it

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