Too Many Memories.

My life right now is so mundane and empty, all I’m doing is working for long horrendous hours or ‘recovering’ in front of the TV on my days off. It’s a life of nothing. Obviously, I do have more of a life when I’m at Uni and in a few weeks I am jetting of to the US of A for an adventure and hopefully rediscovery of myself. But until then I have to continue with this current empty lifestyle. I can’t even spend the days with my boyfriend as he lives 500 miles away from me at the other end of the country. Literally, the days are taking it out of me. I can’t even pretend that I am somewhere else, all these places and faces are far too familiar and hold too many memories. I want to make more memories, with new faces, travelling through new places. It scares me but excites me at the same time. I’m desperate to get out there and live life a little, discover more about the world and about myself. I need the freedom that moving away from home allows. I need to get away from this crazy place.


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