Being immersed in the American culture for the last six weeks has made me realise a whole lot. Even though I am only studying American politics I have learnt an awful lot about my own culture and how liberal my own society is back home. In class the other day a really opinionated Republican girl kept arguing that Romney was completely correct in his attitudes that everyone should help themselves. I got so annoyed at her. Obviously, it’s not her fault, we’ve both been brought up very differently and in different parts of the world so it was inevitable we would clash. But what about the people that can’t help themselves? Isn’t that why we elect a government – to look after us, protect us, help us in our time of need? This, rather disillusioned, girl also argued that the welfare system was a waste because people just abuse it. So, does that mean we should get rid of the legal system just because people break the law? Of course not! She’s a student and receives a regular student loan, therefore she benefits from the welfare system. Her whole argument just doesn’t make sense to me.

I know that American politics is a very controversial subject, but it amazes me with all this opposition to Obamacare. I was listening to Bill Clinton speak at the DNC and highlighting all the benefits that Obamacare will provide and I’m sitting there thinking ‘wait… they don’t already have that?’. The UK is so much better than I thought. In another class I asked a group what they thought of Obamacare and they sounded really unsure about it, one guy asked about the UK where the money came from. It’s amazing that in, what is believed to be, one of the greatest democracies in the world, very few people can afford healthcare. It also frustrates me that they can’t see how much of a benefit it really is.

In conclusion, America’s not as great as I thought it would be. I mean, I am having a great time, experiencing so many new things and in that sense it’s great. But in the sense of experiencing all these ‘freedoms’, it’s not. I have more privileges in Scotland than an average girl my age does here, in America. As much as I love America, it’s made me a lot prouder to be British.


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