Scottish Independence.

Wow. I am terrible at keeping this up to date. But hasn’t this year gone so fast? I now only have 6 weeks left here in America, and the workload is slowly increasing! 

Anyway, I digress. I wanted to rant about Scottish independence because recently it has been winding me up like crazy! For those of you unaware of what I am talking about my home country Scotland is wanting to leave the UK and become a lonely, independent country, all because our leader, Alex Salmond, wants more power. But, it could potentially be the worst thing that will ever happen to Scotland. He has lowered the voting age to 16 for this one independence referendum we will get to vote on in 2014, but that’s only because Salmond knows he is likely to get more votes that way. I’m 20 in two weeks so it wasn’t that long ago that I was a 16 year old and believe me, I knew nothing about politics back then, let alone what independence is likely to involve. I also have a 17 year old brother so I feel I can relate to the people of that age. But I fear they will vote in relation to football scores! From my experience young people have an irrational hostility towards the English genuinely because they beat us in almost every sport and I feel that young people will vote for independence because of this. It’s scary! 

One thing that would happen if we became independent would be that we would have to leave the European Union then join the back at the queue of all the other countries wanting to get in and go through the whole process again, plus we would have to have the Euro! It’s probably one of the worst things that could happen to Scotland right now, we’re just not ready for it yet and I’m not sure we ever will be. 



  1. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “Scotland is wanting to leave the UK”. Opinion polls suggest that this is not the case. The current ruling party has promised a referendum which will happen. Nothing else yet. The SNP wants to keep the pound but if Scotland wants to be part of the EU would that be possible?
    Some evidence suggests that support for independence amongst 16/17 year olds will be lower than the national average so perhaps that particular ploy will backfire.

  2. Hi,

    I know there is still a very small chance that it will actually occur, I have read those polls and spoken to people about it. But my point was about those 16 and 17 year old will be uninformed about it unless they learn about it at school. I really really hope it doesn’t happen, but I still feel like there is a chance it might. Nobody I know wants it to occur, but then again, I don’t know everyone in Scotland.

  3. The argument for an independent Scotland is a purely economic one – meaning you’d be better off financially. Countries like Finland, Sweden, Denmark and France have committed themselves to helping Scotland into the EU quickly. UK may not even be in the EU anyway, if England votes us out before Scotland is independent. No-one is going to force Scotland into the €. No-one. Please don’t let Scotland down. Most rational English people you can talk to fully understand and support Scottish independence. It has nothing to do with Alec Salmond wanting ”more power.” Please don’t be afraid of change for the better.

    1. I believe it really is just Alex Salmond wanting more power and that at this current moment we are not ready for independence. Maybe in a decade or so we will be, but the Edinburgh tram works, for example, have meant that if we didn’t have the rest of the UK economy behind us then Scotland would have a third world economy. So it wouldn’t be change for the better, it would be for the worst.

      1. I respect your view! Thanks..mind you, I’ve lived in various countries of the 3rd world in my career and can guarantee you there’s a world of difference. The tramworks are incidential. Best of luck & hope you change your mind! We don’t have to like Salmond, but he just will never get ”more power” even if he wins. He knows that. Anyway, good luck!

    2. “Most rational English people you can talk to fully understand and support Scottish independence”

      Perhaps the ones you speak to but my experience is the opposite.

      1. I don’t “talk” to polls or the Daily Telegraph .

        Rational English people I have spoken to do not support independence for Scotland, which was the point you appeared to be making.

      2. Neither was your original statement in any way measurable as I am sure you are well aware. Merely anecdotal evidence from those with whom you have discussed independence.
        My experiences seem to be the opposite of those of your own.

      3. All very interesting but not true in that I have not discussed this with anyone. Are you trolling? If so thanks – this is a blog, not somewhere for you to vent frustration. Thanks very much. All your comments appreciated but conversation has reached its end. All the best.

      4. Not sure why you would suggest that anyone who had the discussion would hold the same view as you, as you did in your orignal reply.

        I am not in any way frustrated but, as I have pointed out before, merely indicated that your experience does not resemble mine.

        I have never read your “rules” of blogging so thanks for enlightening me as to your opinion of what is and is not allowed..

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