So, it’s only 10.30am and I’ve already had quite a productive day. I had to get up early for a doctor’s appointment, then pay off the deposit for my new flat and check out the new coffee shop that just opened up on my street (their coffee tastes amazing by the way!). Now I’m back, sitting on my bed, surrounded by piles of clothes that I can’t put anywhere. Oh the joys of living in a student flat. Maybe I should build a fort with them so I can hide from the large amount of work I have to do for Uni, or tie them all together and see if I can get across the atlantic to visit my friends in the States (I’m in the UK). Genuinely I have THAT many clothes. I teach zumba once a week and I’m trying to work out a new routine to this song: But it’s kind of hard. I have no inspiration today. I might just get them to run around in circles in time to the music. 

Anyway, I feel much better than I did when I last posted, I think I’m starting to settle back into British life. It was only four months I was in the States for but I literally haven’t stopped since I’ve been back, I had three days off then went back to work for a week over the Christmas break, then toured the south coast of England with my Boyfriend visiting his family, then had two days at home then went straight back into Uni life. It’s now week four of Uni life. I’m pooped! But I feel more confident than I have been recently. I didn’t settle at all when I was in the states because I didn’t want to get too attached to it, so it’s hard for me to settle back here, in a place I’ve already spent two and a half years. But I’m getting there. This coffee tastes really good by the way, have I said that already? 


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