So many things have happened this week that have caused me to look a lot closer at my relationships. For instance, on Monday, one of my friends lost her Mum and I just can’t get my head around how lonely she must feel. I phoned my own Mum as soon as I’d heard what had happened as I couldn’t bear the thought of losing her, or my Dad. It was horrible and it’s hard to even imagine how my friend must feel. I definitely appreciate my parents a lot more now, not that I didn’t before, it’s just opened my eyes as to how broken I would be without them. 

Also, on Thursday I saw a man get hit by a car. It was pretty brutal and it happened so quickly that I don’t actually remember the event itself, just the aftermath. He was lying half on the road, his eyes rolled back into his head, in a pool of blood with sick coming out of his mouth. I was at the other side of the road when it happened and was unable to help him – but there were tonnes of people there, keeping him warm and calling for help though. I had to call my mum to explain to her what I had just seen as I was shaking from it. I’d only taken a five minute walk to get a coffee from Costa and I had seen a man hit by a car. Not only that, I had also witnessed a fight break out in the middle of the street, a car chase and a girl wearing the worst leggings I have ever seen. Seriously, the walk was five minutes. I have never needed a coffee so much in my life. Even though I feel bad for the man and hope to God that he’s ok, I’m also really grateful that it wasn’t anyone I know. Definitely spreading the love to my friends and family this upcoming week! 


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