So that is me done with deadlines until April. Obviously, I still have weekly reading to do for classes and probably should start the really long essay I have to do for April 3rd. But before that I have a show to perform in, my dream internship to apply for, an immensely cluttered room to clean out and a fridge full of food to consume. The trouble is, I’m severely lacking in motivation. A lot of students think it’s hard being in class from 9-5 every day, particularly the science students. I’m in the School of Humanities, in my third year and my class time equals five hours a week. Yes, I have five hours of classes a week. If that were a job I would be broke. It is so hard to motivate myself when I’m in class for five hours and only have a couple of chapters to read. And this is all I have to do to get a degree? When I was in America there was a much better system in place, continuous assessment meant that we were constantly studying for class tests and small written assignments, that there was always something I HAD to be learning about. Now, I just don’t feel the need to. It’s a huge emphasis on independent study but doesn’t actually prepare us for the real world of work where we would be required to use our brains for more than 5 hours a week! It’s a tough life being a student. 


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