Happy People

“I don’t trust people who are happy all the time. People who try to be happy all the time are either lying or suppressing something seriously fucked up that eventually blows up in their faces, and end up taking valium.” – Julie Delpy 

I came across this quote whilst browsing through the blog, Moon Monsters. It made me stop because it rings so true to my life right now. I keep trying to be one of those happy people described by Julie Delpy. I keep letting the little things get to me and end up having endless rants to my poor boyfriend about the selfish person that I feel I can sometimes become.

However, I don’t think Julie Delpy understands the battles that these “happy people” are often facing. I’ve found that sometimes the happiest people are the ones fighting the hardest battles and have the most secrets to hide. Yeah, that’s not always the case, as some people are just naturally able to be optimistic and handle their problems in a productive way. Perhaps the people who are happy all the time don’t expect us to take them at face value, perhaps it is their cry for help, or their way of handling their issues. Also, why aren’t there more happy people in the world? I know far too many people who are in jobs they don’t like, who have surrounded themselves with people that don’t inspire them and who give in to others too easily so as not to let them down. These people aren’t happy. But they should be. Has society really become so backwards that we have become too distrustful of the people that seem to know how to do the things they want to do, the people that have chosen their friends and acquaintances wisely and the people that have learned how to say no to what they really don’t want to do?


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