Photo by las-initially
Photo by las-initially

Why do so many people become obsessed over the “L” word?

Everywhere I look, there are articles telling us what love should feel like, how we know when we are in love, what to do if you’re not in love etc etc. I used to be someone that read these articles, back when I was in a bad relationship, definitely not in love and trying to find the answer to the emptiness in my heart. If you’re one of these people that is in a relationship but is constantly looking up those ‘how you can tell when you’re in love’ posts, then I can tell you one thing. You definitely aren’t.

From having had my fair share of terrible relationships and now finally being in a good one, I feel I can safely say that love is a subjective thing. Nobody can tell you how it should feel, what it should look like, how it should taste etc – you just know that you are. I found that the times when I questioned whether I was in love with the other person I was in a relationship with, were the first signs that I wasn’t. If you’re questioning whether you are in love or not, then you definitely aren’t.

Carrie Hope Fletcher, the current Eponine in Les Miserables, touches upon this idea in her vlog here and it is so unbelievably true that I can’t stress it enough. Love is subjective. It is something you will feel in your own way, in your own time. It doesn’t matter with whom, how or why you are in love with a certain person, just as long as you in yourself are happy. So stop worrying about how you feel and trust your feelings.


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