End Of An Era

So here I am on the eve of my last day as a University student. It’s a weird mix of emotions. I’m very stressed as I have an exam tomorrow; I’m sad because it’ll be the end of seventeen years in education; but I’m also extremely excited for the freedom I am about to attain. I can’t remember not having exams, but from the numerous stress-related illness I seem to have acquired the past few weeks, I think it will bode well for my health. It’s weird to think that the majority of my life has been spent in education and as of 11.15am tomorrow I will no longer have to study. I bet I say that now, then end up doing a postgrad in a few years time!

When I measure it in years, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, particularly with how quick time seems to pass these days. However, when I measure it in terms of my life achievements, I have come such a long way. On the first day of high school I refused to get out of my mum’s car as I was so afraid of the unknown and a teacher had to come out and get me. Now, at the end of my four year University career, I have been the captain of my University’s netball team, studied abroad in the States for six months, sought out three internships for myself, became an editor of the student magazine, deputy editor of the online student outlet for my university and nominated for ‘best media contributor award’. I still feel like that little girl on my first day of high school sometimes, but I’ve learnt to handle the nerves better. I’ve learnt how to become myself. I’m still scared of the unknown, but I am also just as scared of missing out on these amazing opportunities that I am lucky enough to stumble across. 

My mum asked me the other day why I decided to go to University. It hadn’t ever been anything my family had discussed and she wouldn’t have minded if I hadn’t (though that would’ve been a lot cheaper!). I just decided I wanted to. I felt I hadn’t truly developed as a person by the end of High School and that I had more to give. University was, in my eyes, the next chapter of my life and it was going to be the place where I flourished and thrived. It became almost a necessity in my personal development. 

So, when I leave my final exam tomorrow, it won’t just be the end of my fourth year of University. It will be the end of an era. 

Here’s to the next chapter – let’s hope it doesn’t contain any more exams! 


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