Grad Life: 5 months Update

I have been a Graduate for five months. Now, I am a member of that realm with no student discounts, around £18,000 of debt to pay off and where “I’m a student” can’t be used as an excuse for anything anymore. I’ve applied for several jobs and had a few interviews, but have missed out on each one due to a ‘lack of experience’. What I want to know is, why would they offer me an interview if they are going to hire someone with experience? They saw from my application how much I have!

Anyway, being a Graduate is exactly what I was expecting. Difficult. Since I was four years old I have been in education, I have had a purpose to my days and didn’t feel bad taking on a small part-time job in the summer. Now, I am taking two small part-time jobs but I am restless. There’s more pressure on young people to have their life sorted AFTER Uni than there is when we decide what course to study. Though, I think the answer is to be persistent, to pester the companies I want to work for with lots of applications and emails, to not give up until I am settled. If the working world now depends on someone’s experience over their potential then why are people still being encouraged to go to Uni rather than straight to work?


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