I can’t believe it is STILL January!

So much has happened this month that it doesn’t feel like only a few weeks ago I was celebrating New Year! January has been such a whirlwind that I feel I have had three months all crammed into one. At the start of the month I was working Front of House at the theatre for the final week of a show that had been with us since early November (and which I now cannot watch again for another few years)! Then I had a week off as there were no shows at the theatre and I had no other employment. The following week I went to a job interview and was in that job the week after.

This past week has been particularly crazy. On Monday I found myself sitting in the audience at the Edinburgh auditions for Britain’s Got Talent, on Tuesday I started my new job in a local politician’s office, on Wednesday I was invited to have coffee with a very high-calibre politician and on Thursday I worked a fourteen hour day as I had a shift at the theatre straight after my other job. On Friday it was another fourteen hour day, except I found myself escorting men dressed as nuns to their seat (long story) and on Saturday I had lunch with my old uni flatmates.

However, though I have been busy this week, it has also left me feeling somewhat empty. As I am so busy it means I’m not able to have much of a social life and I am starting to feel the loneliness as I go through the motions each day. I work with lots of lovely people in both jobs and love going to work every single day, which is more than I guess a lot of people can say. But I was watching Bridget Jones’ Diary last night and saw how close her group of friends were and it got me thinking how much I am missing that in my life. I like being independent and having time to myself but I do start to annoy myself after a while.

Let’s hope the rest of the month is just as busy but a little less lonely.


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