And then it was April. I think I like April. I can’t really remember. For the last century and a half I’ve spent my April’s studying for exams. So, I guess this will be the first time when I don’t have to do that. Although, I do have an important deadline coming up that I will be spending the month working towards – the General Election. It’ll be the first one I can actually vote in and I just so happen to be working for a candidate.

I have two jobs actually. My other job is in a theatre, where I have to deal with people that attend a show, often drunk, and forget how expensive such a venture can be. Hey, I didn’t just make the price up in my head, I’m just selling the ice cream!

Working in a theatre has helped me view people in their truest colours. I’ve had someone ask for a refund during an interval because they weren’t enjoying the storyline. I’ve had a couple try to move from row GG (near the back) to row G because they “accidentally” bought tickets near the back and had never sat at the back of anywhere since the 1980s. I’ve had a woman take a selfie with the bottle of juice I just sold her so she can name and shame us for our pricing on Facebook. I’ve had a man arrive to a Sound of Music singalong dressed as a hill who I had to help remove from his costume so he could sit in his seat. I’ve photobombed people throughout the months who have failed to hear my manager making the ‘do not take photos’ announcement at the start of the show. I’ve stood behind the bar and watched as women fought over who was next in the queue, whilst serving someone else. I’ve worked a show that had an audience full of women flashing their chests at the stage (don’t ask). To name but a few.

I only started there in September, yet I have learned probably everything I need to know about humans in general from working in a theatre.


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